The #YoungXHUSH Programme

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#YoungXHush was officially launched,

with the support of the National Youth Council,

at the SHINE Festival in 2017 by Minister Grace Fu.
Ministry of Community, Culture & Youth

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#YoungXHUSH Movement Partners: 
Schools | Tertiary Institutions | Community Youth Groups | Youth Organisations

What is #YoungXHush?

#YoungXHush is a youth impact movement under Hush Teabar supported by National Youth Council, that aims to address the rising concerns of stress, depression and suicides amongst youths. Advocating alongside our Deaf partners, we strive to build youth leaders who promote community empowerment, empathy, inclusion and mental resilience among the youth, by the youth. With a whole generation of youths who can express their emotions, either verbally or through signing, they are able to communicate with people who are different from them; we have not only built a caring and inclusive society but also nurtured a new generation of leaders who are resilient and self aware.

Self Care (Stress Management)
 #YoungXHush, youths will be able to develop self care and stress management skills to counter the rising mental health epidemic.

Through engagement with our Deaf TeaRistas where only sign language is used, 
#YoungXHush hopes to educate youths on the value of empathy, and apply it to their daily lives. In this way, a conducive environment is created where youths can interact with one another to gain insights on community issues and challenges.

Each individual expresses differently, 
#YoungXHush adopts various methods to provide outlets for self expression – by signing, drawing with tea ink, writing messages of reflection/inspiration, as well as verbal communication. Many young people find difficulty expressing their emotions in words so learning to sign ‘anxious’ or ‘bored’ in sign language affords them another mode of expression, which may be most suitable for them to communicate comfortably.

#YoungXHush develops future leaders of our society in self-awareness and community inclusion. After going through the #YoungXHush session, youth volunteers are trained as #YoungXHush Leaders in facilitation, mindfulness and signing so that they can initiate their own #YoungXHush circles in their schools and communities.

#YoungXHush is a 3-stage programme consisting of:

Part 1: The Experience

(an experiential workshop for youths, average 30-50 per class)
We bring
#YoungXHush to schools and youth organisations. Here, students are led through an experience of learning to sign 10-12 emotions (ranging from positive, neutral to challenging categories) as well breathing/stress reduction techniques. They are then guided to do a reflection by sharing their emotions through signs as well as penning mood notes. The entire experience is led by our Deaf facilitators.

Part 2: Leaders in Training

(leaders' bootcamp for volunteers, for up to 15 pax per session; volunteers come from participants from Stage 1 above.)
Participants from Part 1 are encouraged to step forward to volunteer as #YoungXHush leaders who will be trained in facilitation, stress reduction/management and signing by experts in a combined bootcamp. This builds leadership qualities and initiative.

Part 3: Leadership/Volunteerism

#YoungXHush leaders will organise, manage and grow their own #YoungXHush circles in their communities — in school, in the neighbourhood, anywhere. They will work with Hush’s Deaf facilitators through our community lead. From this, they can learn more about their own feelings and coping mechanisms whilst impacting the lives of others through emotional support.

Programme Objectives:
1. Promote empathy, resilience and mental wellness amongst youths 
- learn to sign and interact with our Deaf facilitators
- understand and sign different emotions
- learn stress reduction breathing techniques
-  reflect and express in a safe environment

2. Promote youth volunteerism and develop young leaders 
- training by expert faculty of professionals and facilitators 
- developing skills in facilitation, mindfulness-based stress reduction and emotional signing
- initiating, managing and growing their own 
#YoungXHUSH circles in their schools and communities


How YOU can support this unique youth movement:
1. Schools/Educational Institutions — bring #YoungXHUSH to your students!

2. Youth groups and grassroots organisations — bring #YoungXHUSH to your members!
3. YOU can be a volunteer —​ be a #YoungXHUSH Leader in your school/community!
3. YOU can get your school or community groups to bring #YoungXHUSH into CCAs or informal events! 



​​# People Hushed & De-stressed : 7297 

# Hush@Workplace Organisations/Groups:  187



~ Thoreau

The Impact of #YoungXHush

'Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
Live the life you have imagined.'

​​# Deaf Persons Trained/Engaged:  38