1 in 4 youths shows symptoms of depression and mental health related issues. A Straits Times report states that troubled young people who reached out to Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) cited academic pressure, relationship problems at home and in school as the main sources of stress. Statistics also showed a rising concern with suicide cases amongst teens.

#YoungXHUSH@CampVision for Youths at Risk, sponsored by UBS. Mar 2016.
 “It was a cathartic experience for me personally. Hearing from the youths, this is a part of the process to help them move forward. Kudos to what you and your team are able to accomplish.” - Yeo Suan Wei, Co-Founder, CampVision

#YoungXHUSH@YSEALI Dialogue for Youth Leaders, sponsored by US Embassy Singapore. Dec 2016. 
“I enjoyed the silence, it was weird at first, but I got used to it after the second reflection question.”

#YoungXHUSH@NTU. For Undergraduates. May 2017. 

"The silence was meaningful - I had some time to myself."

"This session made me thankful for what I have."

#YoungXHUSH@Ngee Ann Polytechnic. For Students. Jul 2017. 

#YoungXHush changed my perspective positively - it made me think through on how we want to build a more inclusive society in Singapore." 

“The experience made me realise that I did not know how to interact with differently-abled (Deaf) and it gave me awareness. Not only did it did help me empathise with the Deaf, it also gave me experience to communicate and understand them better”

#YoungXHUSH@SJI Malcolm Road. For Students. Aug 2017. 

“This is a very meaningful and beautiful experience for me. Silence allows me to face the person who I feared the most which is myself. I’m such a competitive person and feel that I’m rushing and taking up so many things, the whole experience has been so relaxing. It was a very rare moment where I can find a very warm-hearted and sincere session where I can listen to my own voice and my deepest thoughts and I realised that I love myself more."​ See video.

Supported by National Youth Council, Singapore. 

Officially launched by Minister Grace Fu, 

Ministry of Community, Culture & Youth

Shine Festival, July 2017. 

See video

Millennials want to change the world for the better as a goal in life, 44% also said that the opportunity to change the world motivates them to be successful. Singapore’s Millennials aspire to be the change they want to see. (Forbes, Feb 2017)

Programme Objectives: 

1. Promote empathy, resilience and mental wellness amongst youths 

- learn to sign and interact with our Deaf facilitators

- understand and sign different emotions

- learn stress reduction breathing techniques

-  reflect and express in a safe environment

2. Promote youth volunteerism and develop young leaders 

- training by expert faculty of professionals and facilitators 

- developing skills in facilitation, mindfulness-based stress reduction and emotional signing

- initiating, managing and growing their own #YoungXHUSH circles in their schools and communities

#YoungXHUSH Movement Partners: 

Schools | Tertiary Institutions | Community Youth Groups | Youth Organisations

Come join our Deaf Partners to support our youths to become more resilient and connected with the community! 

Help us build the next generation of inclusive and mindful leaders! 

How You Can Support this Unique Youth Movement
1. Schools/Educational Institutions - bring #YoungXHUSH to your students!

2. Youth groups and grassroots organisations -  bring #YoungXHUSH to your members!
3. YOU -  you can be a volunteer #YoungXHUSH Leader for your School/Community!
3. YOU - can get your school or community groups to bring #YoungXHUSH into CCAs or informal events! 

Email us to find out more at hush@hushteabar.com




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