“Blindness separates us from things, but Deafness separates us from people.”
Deafness is a ‘hidden’ disability. Because of severe communication barriers, employment opportunities for the deaf in the private sector are hard to come by, according to SADeaf. They should not need to be hidden and banished to the back office and/or kitchen.

Hearing loss affects people of all ages.

A Silent Teabar for better business and a better world, Hush aims to pursue a two-fold social mission by -

Spreading greater awareness for the deaf while providing them with sustainable
and dignified employment opportunities
Encouraging the practice of mindfulness at the workplace through a cup of tea, resulting in a happier,
more productive and self-aware social landscape

Research has found that mindfulness brings about numerous benefits both at the organizational and individual level. Mindfulness, (defined by Researchers Alberts, Feinholdt, Hulsheger and Lang in 2013) helps with better stress management and greater self awareness at the individual level. This heightened state of self-awareness in turn relates to the development of one’s emotional intelligence.

Hush Social Impact At A Glance (2015/2016 - May)

28 - Deaf employees recruited/trained as Hush TeaRistas
2 - Deaf employees in co-facilitation/leadership positions for customized client training and events.
19 - Hush Leaders/Champions to influence buy-in and outreach
1346 - Individuals impacted at Hush@Workplace & customised projects

        Hush TeaRistas - Our wonderful friends whose voice we cannot hear, but whose stories we are so inspired.

Grace Ng | Aspring Filmmaker and Actress

Hush has taught me to calm my anxious mind down. ​I like the environment where we could serve with quietness. I'm always touched by the fragrance of the tea leaves just as they have touched the customers. It is interesting and empowering to know that we could serve the society despite our deafness! Serving all of the clients and bonding with the deaf team are the most memorable.

I love making films and am an avid movie watcher, i tried to make as many short films whenever i have time with the limited budget.
My biggest challenge is acting, I love creating stories but i love to tell stories even more by acting as the story unfolds. I have completed four acting workshops by the infamous director/filmmaker. All of the films with me and my co actors are recorded by him. That would be my
biggest achievement!

Pauline Peng | Our Transformed TeaRista
Hush has developed me emotionally and mentally, I have transformed with a positive attitude and an unbending determination. I felt being in peace with my heart & mind in the company of friendly relaxed faces.

Lim Jiayi | The Bubbly Messanger
​I like to see clients being touched by beauty of silence, and also see them putting efforts to try their best in communicating with us by using gestures, using their handphones to write messages to us or sign language they have learnt. Hush TeaBar brings them to meet us, Deaf TeaRistas and I am sure that they are surprised to see us as we do our best to serve them despite our difficulty to hear.

Therefore, I hope they get impression that Deaf people can do anything with their best despite their difficulty to hear. Besides it, I also hope they remember to take some time off to think of their loved ones, people who are struggling with difficulties, people in need and universe, to appreciate them or make their days or make this universe be better place for everyone as a good habit to be practised everyday, even with their small thought.

Rahmat | The Knowledge Seeker
​​I work in countless jobs. I’m freelancing because i believe in this quote "Knowledge doesn’t generate activities. But activities generate knowledge”. Hush is not my first job but i can say it is one special job i work and am proud to be in it. I do hope people can learn no matter how different we are together, we do it the same thing together, where i feel tranquility in us can be shown, in an expressive way since we are all deaf. We don’t make noise, but actions we show are loud. It’s catchy to the eyes of others. Very intriguing.


An empowerment initiative for our deaf TeaRistas to chase their dreams and be who they want to be. And to shine.
In conjunction with Giving Week Singapore 2015, Hush shall dedicate 10% of net proceeds from every Hush@Workplace project
booked and/or staged during the period from 1 December 2015 to 29 February 2016 to HUSH. GIVES DREAMS. fund.

​ ​​​“I am enchanted with film-making and acting. My dream is to be a full-time actor. Certainly that is not easy because I have sent my resume to every production house I know but to no avail which is, of course, to be expected.”

- Grace Ng (Profoundly Deaf)
Hush's 1st TeaRista | Aspiring Filmmaker/Actress​​

​​Li Sha wants to be own her own handicraft business.  
Mimi wants to teach and empower the deaf to make handicrafts. 
Ezra wants to be a mobile application developer. 
Lily wants to be a professional speaker and lecturer. 
Ani wants to open a healthy cafe with friends.

Come join us in this movement of silence and social consciousness! 
Get in touch with us to book a Hush@Workplace - a new and integrated responsibility model of employee wellness and community empowerment for your organisation today. And help make a dream, or two, come true. 

Together, building better business for a better world.




Diversity makes for a rich tapestry.
All threads are equal in value, no matter their colour; equal in importance, no matter their texture.

​​# TeaRistas Impacted:  38

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Social Impact

# Hush@Workplace Leaders:  45

~ Maya Angelou

​​# People Hushed:  1977

1 in 1,000 babies in Singapore have severe or profound hearing loss.

5 in 1,000 have lesser degrees of hearing loss.

It may be genetic or caused by external factors such as accident or prolonged exposure to loud noise.

Persons over 65 years old suffer from hearing loss will increase from 7% to 18% in 2030.

50% of those 80 years and above is expected to have significant hearing loss.