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A recent survey stated 1 in 4 youths had shown symptoms of depression and mental health related issues. A Straits Times (ST) report stated troubled young people who reached out to Samaritans of Singapore (SOS) cited academic pressure, relationship problems at home and in school as their greatest source of stress. Statistics also showed a rising concerns of suicide cases amongst teens.

In 2015, Dr. Erica Sibinga of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore reported

“School-based mindfulness (awareness) training may reduce stress and trauma”.

Last year, we staged 2 Hush sessions with a group of youths. In March 2016, UBS engaged Hush to stage an experience for a group of Youth-at-Risks as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, it was one of the most impactful session yet with all the 10 of them shared (with teary eyes) after the Hush session saying that they have better clarity and self-love for themselves. Yeo Suan Wei, Co-Founder of Camp Vision who worked together in this programme exclaimed, “It was a cathartic experience for me personally and hearing from the youths, a part of the process to help them move forward. Kudos to what you and your team are able to accomplish. The TeaRistas were amazing both in their infectious positive energy, enthusiasm and in their interactions with the youths”.

In December 2016, Hush was invited to the 3rd annual YOUnity in Diversity dialogue organised by US Embassy to 80 youths regionally in Asia. “I enjoyed the silence, it was weird at first, but I got used to it after the second question” and another exclaimed that it was “Shiok”.

Just recently in February 2017, we ran an empathy engagement session at an industry conference at Nanyang Poly, with earplugs stuck into their ears, our Deaf partners taught the students to sign simple conversational phrases like “I love you, thank you, please forgive me, I’m sorry, how are you, hello and see you again.” and reflected on TeaWisdom questions and expressed their emotion with tea-ink. When asked “What is your aspiration?” One of them wanted to “Help others becoming better than yesterday.” The students were intrigued and gamely engaged with the learning with much curiosity and empathy and seeing them practicing the signs with their peers after the session was most gratifying. 

​In Hush, we connect with self and others meaningfully with silence and in silence. The crafted experience and guided tea rituals bring relaxation, awareness and insights about ourselves, the people and the environment around us.

#Young&Hush is a customised Hush experience for the young to

Promote Youth Aspirations towards becoming more connected with community and active participants to society.
Promote Mental Wellness & Leadership Development.

A recent research in February 2017 by Forbes stated Millennials want to change the world for the better as a goal in life, 44% also said that the opportunity to change the world motivates them to be successful. Singapore’s Millennials aspire to be the change they want to see.

For #Young&Hush, we aim to reach out to the schools and Institutes of Higher Learnings (IHLs) with a pairing-buddy system for our Deaf partners to work closely with student leaders and cause champions to learn a new communication skill, co-facilitate the customised Hush experience together and spread the movement – 1 student, 1 school at a time - in advocacy for Inclusion and (mental) Wellness.

#Young&Hush is a carefully-crafted 4-zone journey of mindful awareness, completely guided by our Deaf partners and co-facilitated by student leaders/cause champions, with a cup of tea. Each programme comprises at least 3 sessions, each serving one type of TeaMood (tea blend) - ‘Confusedly Curious’, ‘Foolishly Focused’, ‘Ridiculously Resilient’ with it’s associated TeaWisdom guide for students to instil the values it represents. 
Are you


Come join us in this movement to bring the benefits of silence to the young!

Here's how you can play a part -

1. Schools can bring #Young&Hush to your students.

2. Youth Groups and Community can bring #Young&Hush to the young.
2. Students/Youth can be a Cause Champion for your School/Community.
3. Student/Youth can sign up for the #Young&Hush sessions (‘Confusedly Curious’, ‘Foolishly Focused’, ‘Ridiculously Resilient)

Get in touch -  hush@hushteabar.com