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Silence saved me from my close shave with depression 12 years ago when the colossal collapse of my life descended upon me. I wanted to share this transformational learning with the world. Why start a business when you can start a movement or two? 

I believe there’s a place for silence in changing the world for the better, no less powerful than the fiery social activism that we continue to embrace and be inspired by. I have much admiration for the Deaf, for their strong sense of identity and culture. I wanted to challenge the notion of disAbility by flipping the world around. In a space of silence where spoken words are not needed, where is their disability? And who is disabled?

In late 2014, Hush was launched as a social movement to bring the worlds of hearing and the Deaf (hard of hearing) together and Singapore’s 1st Silent Teabar, and possibly the world’s first – was born. As an advocate for mental health, we also employ and empower persons with/in-recovery from mental health conditions.

I am beyond determined to make every workplace executive learn the skills of self care and empathy because every employee is a member of our society. A caring and inclusive society can only come from caring and inclusive workplaces.

Since late 2017, I no longer provide daily management oversight – the amazing team of differently-abled persons completely run the Hush operations, from securing to planning to executing all Hush@Workplace and #YoungXHush projects. It’s a true testament to their abilities.

ー Anthea Ong, Founder of Hush TeaBar

“In a space of silence where spoken words are not needed, where is their disability? And who is disabled?”

We are brewing a revolution of silence for good. Come join us!

Hush is run completely run by a core team of differently-abled persons, and supported by a community of Hearing partners who volunteer on a project basis. Join us on this silent revolution to advocate for inclusiveness, empathy and empowerment in society.

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