Hush@British Council Singapore
British Council Singapore | 24 July 2015

Hush was invited to be the finale for British Council's annual Diversity and Inclusion Week 2015. 4 scheduled sittings for up to 15 employees

per sitting on the hour from 1-4pm.

No space was too hard for Team Hush to soften for the Hush Experience. A training room normally associated with work and buzz of activities became a surprise mental and emotional sanctuary for many to experience that first genuine encounter with themselves. These encounters of realisation moved all to reflection and introspection, to knowing what truly matters - and several to tears.

We were deeply gratified with what was shared at The Sharing Zone:

"What a beautiful initiative to get me to come back to me..."
"...I think I cried because I realised how difficult it was for me to give loving-kindness intentions to myself...."
"It felt so good to be withdrawn from the stress of the world.... time seemed to have expanded when I was in Hush zone....."
"....I have never given myself any quiet time and I found it so comfortable, so right. And now I want to do it more often....."
"...As i was giving loving-kindness intentions to the person I am having challenges with, I noticed that the negative emotions I held for for the person went away.... I just needed this quiet space to have a different perspecive to our conflict...."
"....I wish I could stay in Hush for longer. Please do this more often for us....."

The worlds of hearing and non-hearing came together when all participants were taught how to sign Loving-Kindness wishes to each other by our enthusiastic and expressive TeaRistas, Donny and Jiayi. And Anthea teared slightly when she witnessed the barrier-less interaction between our TeaRista Jiayi and Core Team Member/Volunteer Daryl during a break.

THANK YOU, British Council Singapore, for the trust in Hush to bring a unique experence for your employees. And for believing in the critical and integrated responsiblities of employee wellness and community empowerment.

Team Hush is incredibly humbled by this amazing privilege to touch lives and serve souls. In silence, we are One.
[Much gratitude to Ethan Ho for the beautiful shots] Check out the picture album at our FB page.


~ John C. Maxwell

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