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Hush@I Do
MGS | 01 August 2015

"I Do. In Hush" for Hush fan - Albert's Inclusive Wedding, yay! It's our first private event - and our first wedding, in Hush.
A beautiful and memorable witness of love, not just for the couple alone - sparks was flying everywhere, heartwarming wishes and greetings from the family and friends clad in suits as well  as the community of friends with special abilities.

Our Sweetly Intimate and Undoubtedly Quirky TeaMoods were offered to the world as iced teas for the first time.... and we officially
launched our goodness-filled Hush TeaCakes. Both debuts made possible and with so much love by our incredibly talented Domestic Goddess and core team member, Lace Ong

We wish the couple eternal bliss and happiness.

Team Hush is incredibly humbled by this amazing privilege to be part of this memorable experience to creating a inclusive society.
In silence, we are One.

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way
​and shows the way.

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