Hush@Ministry of Transport

Sentosa | 16 July 2015

Hush was invited to augment the Mindful Leadership segment of a Leadership Development Programmme for leaders of
Ministry of Transport, Singapore.

At the Expression Zone, our tea art and intention notes experience was customised to integrate with the leadership programme to help them reinforce their personal leadership brand and core purpose as a leader.

At Sharing Zone, Hush founder, Anthea, facilitated and invited each Husher to share what they got out of Hush.....these were the sharings:

"grateful"......"in the moment"

"how I used to feel when when I used to practise yoga"

"clarity in what truly matters to me in life"

"my heart told me to go fishing"

"very new experience - somewhat abstract"

"I realised I don't have to worry about what's next when I was in Hush, there's no what's next - just this moment"

"freedom"...."relaxed and calm"

"thought about my loved ones and how I should spend more time with them"

We also kicked off our new initiatives - Hush Leaders and Hush Circles - to encourage ongoing Hush practice and huddles within teams after a Hush@Workplace session.

Deeply humbling for us to have played a small part in providing the space for these good folks to journey into that empowering space of awareness of self and others. What a gift of a "job".

From Rush to Hush. A Silent TeaBar. For a Better World.

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