Hush@Parkway Cancer Centre
Novotel Clarke Quay | 22 August 2015

Hush was invited to be part of the full day Annual Survivors' Conference organised by Parkway Cancer Centre on
22 Auugst 2015 at Novotel Clarke Quay.

"I was touched when the Hush process was first presented at the Welcome Zone by Anthea. I felt at ease and peaceful and
really happy to learn from the others at Sharing Zone. "

"It was so motivating for me to be creating the TeaArt."

When asked at Sharing Zone after the Hush Experience what was the one word to describe the emotion that was present for them,

these were shared:

"Blessed", "Peace", "Relaxed", "Realisation", "Different", "Calm", "Grateful",......

A long day for Team Hush yet so humbly meaningful for us to be part of their healing process, in a small way. We. Are. Grateful.

Thank you, Parkway Cancer Centre, for the trust and confidence. And for wanting to take us to your regional conferences.
Hush is ready to go regional! ♥♥♥

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