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Hush@Raffles Medical

Raffles Hospital | 24 January 2015

Hush was invited by Raffles Medical Group's Cancer Support Group to stage a special session for cancer survivors. Faced with the challenge of space (only a standard training room was available), 

We transformed the space into an oasis of peace and quiet for the participants in the best way we could and were heartened that the space supported the experience. 

​"I was being reminded of my intention and what I need to know - and the Intention Card I picked gave me the answer!"

"Great experience. Something I wanted to do all the time but never could find time to do it."

"In that moment of silence, I felt deeply grateful that I am still breathing - despite the cancer."

​"The tea art session was very heartfelt."

It is deeply gratifying for the Hush Team to be able to support the healing process of these participants and gave new meaning to our mission. We are also looking forward to working more closely with Raffles Medical Group in introducing regular Hush session to their staff and customers when their new extension and the Holland Village facility are ready. 

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