Hush@Signs of Love

*Scape | 01 May 2015

​Hush was invited to support a citizen's movement called Love. Life. Wow ( which is committed to raising awareness for the deaf community at their first-ever public event called Signs of Love. This was Hush's biggest event by far - we were tasked with sharing the world of silence and mindfulness with over 200 participants, hearing and non-hearing. And families and friends in tow. 

Our Hush Experience was customised for the occasion with participants doing tea art on their cornware cups (yes, no Hush tea cups or trays were   used in this process due to the numbers!) for the Expression Zone and they were all asked to sign the moods they learned at the Sharing Zone. 


The energies in the room when 200 people embrace silence and awareness is incredibly compelling and impossible to describe in words. The feedback from the participants was beyond encouraging, and the Hush Team was more than moved by this opportunity to introduce the practice of silence and awareness to so many young people.

We stand united in our mission to create awareness for the deaf. They appear to be just like the hearing majority but nobody knows they are deaf until they start signing. In a way, we see them but at the same time they are invisible to society. They are a people whose voice you can't hear. Hush is committed to bringing them to the forefront as we encourage the hearing to step into their world of silence. 

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