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Hush@DBS. In Wellness. Mind & Spirit. 
Hush@Workplace was engaged by DBS to host 50 of its busy executives at their staff lounge at MBFC Tower 3 on 24 October 2014, Every Friday, DBS follows the practice of 5@5 which translates to staff being able to leave work at 5pm so as enjoy dinner with their near and dear as the weekend sets in. Hence, it was a unique and fitting experience to combine Hush@Workplace on a Friday so staff could leave the workplace ‘well’ both in spirit and in mind.

"Gives me the opportunity to be myself today."

- Tan Sioh Kim

Hush@Workplace was well received by employees, with 91% of them diving right in at the very beginning of the 4 experiential zones that make up the entire Hush journey. Most significant were the executives giving up their mobile phones without a fight, proving that sometimes disconnecting is the best way to connect, even if it is just with yourself.  Hush saw some really wonderful tea art expressions in Zone 3, the “expression” zone with 84% enjoying the raw creative power they unleashed from within with tea ink, leaving tea fragrances lingering on their fingertips.

~ John C. Maxwell


Progressive Transformation. In Hush

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Hush Leaders

# Hush@Workplace Leaders/Projects:  187

The silent TeaRitual definitely struck a chord, with more than half saying that it was their favourite part of the experience and 96% felt that the hearing impaired TeaRistas’ service was excellent and that there was no problem in understanding them; proving that sometimes the spoken word is not the only way to communicate. The Hush@Workplace ended with more than half claiming they would like to see Hush as a permanent feature in DBS and look forward to enjoying the Hush experience at least once a month.

"Sipping the tea in stillness. Being aware of the smell and taste."

- Ruchira Gupta

  It’s clear that Hush@Workplace has produced ‘well’ employees as all left smiling and refreshed; not only because Hush@Workplace made them feel ‘good and well’, but also because they had done ‘good well’ and played a part in contributing to an integrated, inclusive an interactive effort to empower the deaf community.


​​# People Hushed: 7297 

​​# TeaRistas Trained & Engaged:  38