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I want to bring Hush to my Workplace!

Workplace stress has been steadily on the rise with 1 in 4 Singaporean workers reporting high stress levels (Health Promotion Board, 2014). 82% of professionals in Singapore felt that they are overworked (Morgan Mckinley, 2014).

Psychiatrists in Singapore shared that 90% of their patients are grappling with mental health issues caused by stress from work.

This mental health epidemic seems to have its root cause in the workplace – a pressing social need not to be ignored.

And it is trending all over the world. 

Hush was founded by Anthea Ong, a former corporate head honcho who went through a colossal collapse 11 years ago and understands intimately the intense demands of work. Hush@Workplace serves overworked leaders and busy executives, and is a new responsibility model for organisational leaders to integrate employee wellness with community-empowerment.

Much research has shown that regular practice of mindfulness yields tremendous benefits at the workplace for both employees
​and employers. Employees make more strategic and thoughtful choices, form better relationships with co-workers and deliver better performance and results.

​We can conduct scheduled Hush@Workplace sessions for your employees, customers and community (strategic planning, leadership development, team bonding, stress management/reduction, appreciation sessions, morale/resilience/empathy building, etc)

A permanent space could also be carved out in your common area(s) as a 'Hushlet' to inspire and motivate employees to take that pause and reflect regularly so as to more effectively manage stress and consistently deliver better results.

The more Hush@Workplace sessions we run, the more employment opportunities​ we provide for our Deaf Partners. 

Our vision is to bring Hush to every workplace! We will work with you to customise Hush so we support your employees and community in the most impactful way. A unique responsibility model for your people, customers and community.

Self Care. Resilient Employees. Thoughtful Choices. A Better Business. A Better World. 

Over 180 Leaders (groups/organisations) have brought Hush@Workplace to more than 7000 employees, clients and partners including:


We even partner with the teachers of the leaders of tomorrow, with our movement Hush<3sTeachers. We believe it's extremely important to work with these individuals, especially since teaching is a very stressful job, and we want to remind these teachers that they deserve a break too. 

"Hush TeaBar was with us last year and brought to our offices the wonderful experience of ‘Rush to Hush’. This social movement
impressed me with its calm and creative approach to the social challenge of hearing impairment. I am a very coffee person but experiencing
the TeaRitual at the Hush TeaBar was interesting on many levels, as it took me on a reflective journey. The TeaRistas from the silent world
touched the hearts and souls of many at DBS."

- Dave Gledhill, Managing Director – Technology & Operations (T&O), DBS Bank

"We encourage staff to contribute to our diversity and wellness initiatives and we first connected with Hush through a deaf member of
our team.  We ran 4 sessions for staff during a Friday afternoon with small groups of up to 10 to maintain a feeling of space and calmness.
This was the first time myself and many of our staff had experienced mindfulness in this way and the comments on the experience were overwhelmingly positive. The most significant moments were actually at the end of the sessions where we were encouraged to share with others our experiences which created a stronger team bond. Our staff each took away their own lessons but for many of us it was the realization that just making time in the day to take a short break in silence can be very refreshing and help relieve much of the stress we
can get from work and life." 

- Joe Tofield, Head of Diversity & Inclusion, British Council Singapore

"I believe that such (Hush) sessions are useful for our cancer support group patients and staff. We often treat symptoms with drugs,
but if patients can tap their psychological reserves, they will be more aware of how they can help themselves instead of being filled
with fear about the future." 

- Dr. Donald Poon, Medical Director, Raffles Hospital Group 

​​​Come join us in this movement of workplace wellness and community inclusion! 

Please help spread the word so that we can bring Hush, the Silent TeaBar, to more workplaces for busy executives and create more empowerment for our friends from the deaf community. Let's chat - hush@hushteabar.com

Email us to find out more at hush@hushteabar.com


~ Eckart Tolle

'In today's rush, we all think too much - seek too much - want too much - and forget about the joy of being.'


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