Pause, and Reconnect With Your Emotions

Hush+anywhere (HA) is a digital space of silence, where you can take time to pause, reflect and breathe to regulate your emotions. Share your thoughts in a safe space, build care and empathy for yourself and others to foster social cohesion, personal and professional resilience.

Launched in April 2020, HA aims to provide employees with a safe space to acknowledge, process and talk about emotions, which in turn builds psychological resilience, and to strengthen the emotion connection between colleagues. Though we are physically distancing ourselves, we believe that it’s important not to emotionally distance ourselves, too. 

Lead by the Deaf and supported by the hearing, we will meet via video conferencing, and take you through our trademark 4 zones journey of Hush: Intention, Silence, Expression & Sharing.


Immerse yourself in the silent world of the Deaf. Experience their perspectives, and understand how life truly is like for them. Cultivate empathy, and encourage actions that promote inclusion in a diverse professional and/or personal environment.

As empathy and inclusion surfaces strongly, it ultimately becomes the bridge that reconnects you to yourself, and others. Widen your perspective, return to your world with brand new eyes, and deepened care and compassion for yourself and others will emerge. Take the first step towards creating a safe environment, by being more conscious of your needs, and the needs of others.

Data analysis from our past sessions has shown significant increase in awareness of difficult emotions and level of connectedness. 70% of the  Hushers indicated interest for a follow-up series, tackling topics such as Self Care, Stress and Anxiety Management, Resilience, among others. 

We can also customise the experience to meet your organisational needs and objectives. From CSR training sessions to a long-term series designed to tackle the different needs of individuals at a particular organisation, we would be delighted to craft a unique experience for your organisation.

Get in touch with us at: hush@hushteabar.com, or fill up the contact form below!

The Hush+anywhere Impact


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Digitally Hushed

I was in the breakout room with Jason and Edmond. Jason and I are working from home, but Edmond still has to go to the worksite. He shared with us that he eats lunch alone in the carpark, and he sits on the floor because he doesn’t have anywhere else to sit. From tomorrow onwards, Jason and I will eat lunch on the floors of our homes, to let him know that we are there with him in spirit, and that he is not alone.



I wanted to plan for a 1st Birthday Celebration for my son, who was born in June. However, with the extension of the Circuit Breaker, I don’t think that will be possible at the moment. There are a lot of changes happening, and I’m filled with a lot of uncertainty. It makes me emotional because I’m not sure when things will go back to normal.



As we are using technology to interact with the Deaf, they can also get a first-hand experience in understanding how to make a space accessible for work and social purposes, which promotes inclusivity to different needs and abilities. There is an implicit dimension of diversity and inclusion learning not necessarily covered by therapeutic experts.



Often times in the busyness of life, we run around but never arrive. This 1 hour digital Hush session created a space of solitude for me to reflect and check in with myself on how I was feeling and where I was heading. A truly restorative experience!

Vincent Ng

Community Lead, A Good Space Co-operative Ltd.

It has been intense week but I became more centered after the session. I have learnt to simply making time to commit to own well being and to make it a regular practice.

Khadijah Madihi


I didn’t know there was so much frustration in me until I took the time to reflect how Covid-19 outbreak has affected me both on the professional and personal front.



My emotions were all over the place initially, but I felt very calm after the exercises, the sequence of the whole experience had made it most useful. I loved how it was so refreshing to use non-dominant hand to express our emotions where it helped to surface the unconscious mind. It was a great realization. The 1st word that came to me when we reflected on what had changed was ‘rigidity’, and the possibilities that came up were innovations and abundance of opportunities.

Hasnah A. Rahman

Master Trainer, Life Coach, Positive Focus Pte Ltd

It felt like a one-of-a-kind type of experience as most of us had never experience such a video conference. We had deaf facilitators teaching us sign language and other facilitators guiding us through activities to share our emotions with art, all over Zoom. The team had an increase in awareness of not just their feelings, but also the fact that they are not alone. They learnt about each others’ feelings, which enabled them to empathize with one another. This promotes wellbeing as the team understands each other better and how they are coping with their emotions. Some even met new colleagues, which is highly unlikely during this period. Yes, we would definitely recommend the session to other organisations. It promotes wellbeing, connection and trust amongst the team.



We Are Brewing a Revolution of Silence For Good.

We see you – through the good times and the bad. Especially during this time, when working from home or in split teams is the new normal. We feel your endless exhaustion, and working hours that never seem to end. We see your stress.

We also see your smiles, joy, and reverberating laughter. We want to let you know that you are not alone, in times of sorrow and joy.

We can’t stop time, but we can make time in the moment to care for ourselves, be it to rest or rejoice. Let us support you by giving you a safe space of silence to take a pause.

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