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Supporting Mental Wellness at the Workplace

Workplace issues are causes of stress, taking a toll on employees’ mental wellbeing and satisfaction, affecting their performance and resulting in high turnover rates. All workplace environments have issues at all levels.

Common Workplace Issues:

  • Interpersonal conflict
  • Communication problems
  • Bullying
  • Harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Gossip and troublemakers
  • Low motivation and job satisfaction
  • Performance issues and concerns
  • Poor job fit

Causes of Workplace Stress in Singapore:

  • Over-supervision
  • Having too many priorities
  • Unrealistic expectations of productivity
  • Poor workplace relationships
  • Lack of autonomy and recognition
  • Unfulfilling work
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Poor work-life balance
  • Overly competitive work culture

What more can you (CXOs, HRs, D&Is, and Department Heads) do to support your employees?

Every workplace differs in dynamics and culture, everyone needs that Hush; to take a pause, slow down, and reflect for better clarity, for better mental well-being, and increased productivity.

We are continuously looking to co-create refreshing Hush experiences for your employee development and to meet the different needs that you may have. From an hour-long empathy session to a two-day leadership retreat in Silence, Hush works closely with you to customize your sessions.  

Let us know how we can support you. Get in touch with us at hush@hushteabar.com or by filling up the contact form below.

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How It Works?

Let the Deaf lead you through a 4 zones journey of Silence, Self Care and Empathy.

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Employee Engagement Series

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The Hush@Workplace Impact


Workplace Projects


Employees Hushed

I believe that such (Hush) sessions are useful for our cancer support group patients and staff. We often treat symptoms with drugs, but if patients can tap their psychological reserves, they will be more aware of how they can help themselves instead of being filled with fear about the future.

Dr. Donald Poon

Medical Director, Raffles Hospital Group

…we first connected with Hush through a deaf member of our team. The most significant moments were at the end of the sessions where we were encouraged to share with others our experiences which created a stronger team bond…for many of us it was the realization that just making time in the day to take a short break in silence can be very refreshing and help relieve much of the stress we can get from work and life.

Joe Tofield

Head of Diversity & Inclusion, British Council Singapore

Hush TeaBar was with us last year and brought to our offices the wonderful experience of ‘Rush to Hush’. This social movement impressed me with its calm and creative approach to the social challenge of hearing impairment. Experiencing the TeaRitual at the Hush TeaBar was interesting on many levels, as it took me on a reflective journey. The TeaRistas from the silent world touched the hearts and souls of many at DBS.

Dave Gledhill

Managing Director – Technology & Operations (T&O), DBS Bank

We Are Brewing A Revolution of Silence For Good.


We see you – through the good times and the bad. We feel your endless exhaustion, and working hours that never seem to end. We see your stress.

We also see your smiles, joy, and reverberating laughter. We want to let you know that you are not alone, in times of sorrow and joy.

We can’t stop time, but we can make time in the moment to care for ourselves, be it to rest or rejoice. Let us support you by giving you a safe space of silence to take a pause.

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