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# Hush@Workplace Leaders:  45

​​# People Hushed:  1977


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Our Story


Hush is designed with our deaf TeaRistas at the core of the service experience.

Instead of being hidden, our dignified TeaRistas lead participants into a quiet space of awareness and reflection,

into their world of silence. Silence speaks louder than words. 

Together. We Change The World. In Hush.

Anthea Ong | The Chief Revolutionary
​Have you ever had all the sounds that represent the life you know shut off on you? I experienced that 10 years ago at the dizzying heights of 'success' when the rug of life as I knew it was pulled right from under my feet in one fell swoop and I plunged into the proverbial black hole,
a deep abyss of barren-ness. Where I truly heard myself for the first time in that deafening silence. And so silence became my healing,
my courage, my expansion…through a dedicated devotional practice of meditation – twice a day, every day. 

Silence transformed (and is still transforming) me – it has given me the inner peace and contentment to love more, live more and be more.
The quieter I became, the more I could hear. And the more I yearn to be who I can/must be. I wanted to share this transformational experience with the world. Why start a business when you can start a movement or two, right? I believe there’s a place for silence in changing the world for the better, no less powerful than the fiery social activism that we continue to embrace and be inspired by.  

I have much admiration for the deaf, for their strong sense of identity and culture. I wanted to challenge the notion of disability by flipping the world around. In a space of silence where spoken words are not needed, where is their disability? And who is disabled? 

So in late 2014, Hush was launched as a social movement to bring the worlds of hearing and non-hearing together and Singapore's 1st Silent Teabar... and possibly the world's first - was born. Where an empowering space is created for the non-hearing to lead the hearing because
in silence, we are the same. In silence, the non-hearing becomes the giving and the hearing receives benefits from this gift of silence
and awareness.  We are brewing a silence revolution for good.

Chua Ning Pei | The Cause Loyalist
I was totally in awe by the idea of a silent teabar in bridging the hearing and non-hearing into one. Creating a paradigm shift in empowering 
the marginalized who generally trails in the shadows to stand tall in dignity in the forefront, bringing awareness and mindfulness to the highly stressed and playing a part in contributing to the greater good, making a difference in their very own unique abilities.

I see hope and possibilities. Empowerment as well as Inclusivity. As a firm believer in cause awareness, Hush has taken advocacy to
a brand new level.

Teo Sing Yi | The Quiet Associate
I join Hush to be a silent supporter of peace and calm. To see a peaceful world and help bring both hearing and non-hearing together
motivates me.

Ani | Sprited Fighter
As one of core team, I am greatly motivated to help the people regardless disAbilities to feel the Light or feel serene.

I was in awe seeing how the inner peace and contentment the people feel. I feel heartened to see how the hearing and deaf people trying to form the communication. It is like Time of Pause. As you know life has its up and down. Imagine someone stopping you in the middle of your work, or when you’re stuck in a traffic jam. We give excuses such as I don’t have time or I’m too busy. Have you? People have forgotten the simple of joy of  life. The PAUSE time you make few minutes make its difference or a day.

Kim | The Silent Worker
Most of us fear silence. When there is silence in a conversation, we fill it up with endless chatter so that it won’t get awkward. When there is silence in our environment, we turn on the television or music to fill the area with noises. In silence, we are stripped of all distractions and we are met with facing ourselves. If we are uneasy with our own silence, it is because we don't feel secure with how we are truly feeling. Once we are at ease with silence, we find that silence welcomes reflection in ourselves. And healing comes when we can reflect within our deeper selves.

I like working in Hush because it brings silence to the participant so that they can self reflect and I find that meaningful.

Kok Wah | The Signer
I came to know of Hush, through a mutual friend of mine. In Hush, it celebrates silence which Deaf people are used to living with, and through Hush it aims to raise awareness of the Deaf. I joined Hush to help spread the beauty of sign language to you. I believe in going through a Hush experience will grant you the meaning of being in silence and without sound, just like how Deaf people live with, using sign language as our "voices" to communicate by sight. When we communicate right, it brings understanding between the deaf & hearing, and life seems just better with that kind of awareness Hush advocates for, don't you think? I am there for you, anytime anywhere with my joys of signing.

Rahmat | The Energizer
It's been enthralling to myself that I'm working with a team that are doing their jobs enthusiastically which inspires me to do the same! 
Despite all of us in different ages, different status, we look out each other like a family, which is one of the natural, but subtle, elements of Hush. Nothing can we be more proud of, that we are just a small group, doing awesome!

Daryl Chan | The Young Advocate
​I like to help people and I get immense joy from doing it. Not only that, I've always wanted to be an entrepreneur.

I met my mentor, Anthea, through a mentoring programme by ITE and the US Embassy. She's been such a lovely and inspiring mentor and during one of our meet ups, she introduced Hush to me. At first, it sounded strange, the thought of a "Silent Tea Bar" and a deaf "TeaRista" serving you, but when I personally went through one of the session myself, it was such an eye opener! I never realised so much emotion can be expressed through body language alone and I never would have thought that the silent impact could actually change you in just one session. 

When Anthea invited me to be one of Hush's Core Team, I couldn't be happier. I really liked how it brought the worlds of the hearing and the non-hearing into one. Now I'm able to gain a ton of experience and help people out at the same time. It's the best of both worlds! I'm honoured to be part of this team to take Hush to another level and change many more lives.