​​# People Hushed & De-stressed : 7297 

​​# Deaf Persons Trained/Engaged:  38

# Hush@Workplace Organisations/Groups:  187


"If you are tired and a bit cynical about team building activities involving scaling walls or filling in surveys,
check out Hush TeaBar for an amazing team experience. A few months ago, my team and I went through a reflective two hours led by "TeaRistas" from Singapore Deaf Community. We emerged with a sense of gratitude, empathy and renewed connectiveness. I repeated the experience last weekend with my wife along with some of Singapore's everyday heroes. Highly recommended." 

- Paul Cobban, COO, DBS



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'There is a voice that doesn't use words.

When was the last time you turn off the volume knob on life to listen to its eloquence in hush? 
​Allow our Deaf TeaRistas to take you on a unique journey of reflection and relaxation. 
​A quiet moment with yourself, amidst the daily rush.
Listen, Ignite your Senses. Awareness in Hush. 

Hush@Community is a bi-monthly series of public instalments in February, April, June, August, October and December for 
busy executives and the general public, as well as our everyday heroes coming together for a unique session of experiential inclusion,
empathy and quiet reflection, with a cup of Hush TeaMood.

These instalments also serve as an experiential evaluation for HR and CSR heads who wish to bring Hush into their workplaces.

Recount the Experience and Heart-to-Heart Sharings at our FB Photo Album.

A public engagement initiative, in partnership with NVPC.  
Where the Deaf, everyday heroes and working professionals come together,

in silence. 

We invite you to challenge the notion of disability, to put aside your differences.

With a cup of Hush TeaMood, we'll bring people of all walks of life together to sit in silence, listen to your hearts and share your stories with everyone — whether you're a working professional, or not.


Check out HushTeabar on Facebook to recount the experience! Let's chat - hush@hushteabar.com


~ Rumi