When was the last time you turn off the volume knob on life to listen to its eloquence in hush? 
​Allow our Deaf TeaRistas to take you on a unique journey of reflection and relaxation. 
​A quiet moment with yourself, amidst the daily rush.
Listen, Ignite your Senses. Awareness in Hush. 

Hush@Community is a bimonthly series of public instalments in February, April, June, August, October and December for 
busy executives, general public as well as our everyday heroes coming together for a unique session of experiential inclusion,
empathy and quiet reflection, with a cup of Hush TeaMood.

These instalments also serve as an experiential evaluation for HR and CSR heads who wish to bring Hush into their workplaces.

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A Public Engagement Initiative in partnership with NVPC.  
Where the Deaf, Everyday Heroes and Working Professionals Come Together. In Silence. 

We invite you to break down walls of social-economic class and challenge the notion of disAbility to bring people of all walks of life together as one - to sit in silence, listen to your hearts and share your personal stories with everyday heroes and business leaders/professionals alike, with a cup of our TeaMoods.


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~ Rumi



There is a voice that doesn't use words.

​​# People Hushed:  5067

​​# TeaRistas Trained & Engaged:  38

# Hush@Workplace Leaders/Projects:  117

"If you are tired and a bit cynical about team building activities involving scaling walls or filling in surveys,
check out Hush TeaBar for an amazing team experience. A few months ago, my team and I went through a reflective two hours led by "TeaRistas" from Singapore Deaf Community. We emerged with a sense of gratitude, empathy and renewed connectiveness. I repeated the experience last weekend with my wife along with some of Singapore's everyday heroes. Highly recommended." 
- Paul Cobban, COO, DBS


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