Hush TeaMoods
What's your story? 
Cherish life's precious moments with your loved ones. 
Let your mood and state of being for the moment make the selection and intention for you. 

Intimate, Tranquil, Romantic, Robust, Quirky 

Gift yourself and loved ones a set or two of our unique story-telling TeaMoods!
Each 50g TeaMood (priced at S$30) comes in our artisanally-designed and environmentally-friendly tea portfolio,

complete with a personal reflection journal for you to Hush everyday. 
Every purchase helps our 5 Ambassadors pursue their dreams.

Have a story to share?

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​​Be surprised. Be inspired. By Hush TeaMoods.​

​Hush In A Box!
The gift of self care. 

​A all-in-one mini Hush Experience, that can be enjoyed anywhere, at any time. 

All that you love about Hush: in a box. 

​With a cup of TeaMood, a quiet ​​moment lingers with mindful reflection. 
​Of peace and awareness. Change from within. 

Are you listening to yourself? 
​Let's remember what truly matters.
Relish the experience.

Hush In A Box
​One precious gift of silence. A moment to yourself. 
7 Unique Hush Items — $128 only

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In advocacy for Deafness and Wellness, we have our 5 Hush TeaRistas as Ambassadors for the TeaMoods they represent in the new series. 
These natural and original teas hail from the beautiful hills of Sri Lanka and then lovingly blended in-house, handpacked with love and completed with their personal stories of romance, tranquility, intimacy, quirkiness and robustness.


Hush TeaBar​ © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. 


​~ Teresa Lee, Husher

As our quiet lips taste tea, from our silent hearts flow calm wisdom as the peaceful mind reflects... 

Each TeaMood tells a story. Your story. 

Tea rituals are about relationships.
The relationship with your inner self... between you and the tea, the tea ware, and the environment.
​A tender journey of awareness and calm. 

~ Brandon Sanderson

'The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think
​but to give you questions to think upon.'


Sipping the tea in stillness and being aware of the smell and taste. 
A good moment of calming down in a rushing life.

​​# People Hushed & De-stressed : 7297 

​​# Deaf Persons Trained/Engaged:  38

# Hush@Workplace Organisations/Groups:  187