About the team

Hush is run completely by a core team of differently-abled persons. Our Deaf TeaRistas lead participants into a silent space of awareness and reflection, supported by our Hearing facilitators who are persons with or in-recovery from mental health conditions.

Aside from the core team, we have a partner community of Deafies and volunteers who support us on project basis.

“Silence saved me from my close shave with depression 12 years ago when the colossal collapse of my life descended upon me.”

– Anthea Ong | Founder | The Chief Revolutionary
(also Nominated Member of Parliament, Republic of Singapore)

Meet the people behind Hush

Chua Ning Pei | Lead Partner, Engagement & Growth | The Cause Loyalist

I am a survivor of depression. I am Hearing. I was totally in awe by the idea of a silent teabar in bridging the hearing and non-hearing into one. Creating a paradigm shift in empowering the marginalized who generally trails in the shadows to stand tall in dignity in the forefront, bringing awareness and mindfulness to the highly stressed and playing a part in contributing to the greater good, making a difference in their very own unique abilities. I see hope and possibilities. Empowerment as well as inclusivity. As a firm believer in cause awareness, Hush takes advocacy to a brand new level. In 2017, I created iaminvisible as a manifestation of my love for photography and human stories.

Low Kok Wah | Lead Deaf Partner, Experience | The Expressive Artist​

I am Deaf. In Hush, we celebrate silence which Deaf people are used to living with, and through Hush, raise awareness of the Deaf. I joined Hush to help spread the beauty of sign language to you. Going through a Hush experience will grant you the meaning of being in silence and without sound, just like how Deaf people live with, using sign language as our "voices" to communicate by sight. When we communicate right, it brings understanding between the deaf & hearing, and life seems just better with that kind of awareness Hush advocates for, don't you think? I am there for you, anytime anywhere with my joys of signing.

Kay Kaur | Partner, Engagement & Experience | The Passionate Writer

I live with depression and anxiety. I am Hearing. The roots of my issues were planted during my childhood and they were left to grow well into my late teenage-hood. I use narrative writing as a way to pluck the weeds and prevent rot in my garden, in hopes that I can keep it luscious and beautiful. I joined Hush with the intention to help bring peace – or some semblance of it – to the noisy minds of Singapore’s youths, so that they too, can find ways on how to tend to their gardens. During the weekends, I'm involved with my passion project Acting Up that empowers vulnerable youths.

Ivy Yeo | Deaf Partner, Experience | The Enthusiastic Learner

I am Deaf. A mutual friend introduced me to Hush, while I was still unsure about finding work. I enjoy being part of the inclusive Hush workplace as I can comfortably work together with and learn from other deaf partners. Not only does Hush champion mental health across different organisations, but also within the Hush workplace. The flexibility allows me to take time off for my own mental well-being, with no rush in choosing between the two especially as a mother of a young child.

Edwin Ng, PhD | Lead Partner, #YoungxHush and Design & Facilitation | The Heartful Educator

I live with depression. I am Hearing. Due to the trauma accumulated from the toxic culture of academia, burnout, and the breakdown of a 20-year relationship in Australia, I returned to Singapore to find new alignment in life purpose, livelihood, and relationships. As the founder of SKFL: Skillful Means, I provide training in mindfulness, communication skills, and self-care. Being able-bodied, I’m committed to build solidarity with disabled people, to challenge habitual assumptions and foster a more caring, inclusive world. I am humbled to be welcomed into the Hush family. Silence is not nothingness but the space where myriad wondrous, and painful, truths may be appreciated, forgiven, nurtured, or released. Silence provides refuge, healing, and transformation.

Ben | Associate Partner

I live with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). I am Hearing. Experiencing anxiety and flashbacks can feel crippling. Joining this team and being part of this movement has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Exhilaration, madness absolutely nothing at all, confusion and burn out — I can feel all these things in the space of a few days. Recognising that we all have a right to feel the things that we do, whatever it is and whoever we are, is important step towards self-care. As I take better self-care over time, I learn to manage my symptoms better. Above all, I hope to bring awareness to mental wellness through the work we do at Hush.

Lewis Chen | Partner, Finance & Accounts | The Humble Champion

I live with depression and mild bipolar. I am Hearing. Mental wellness is something that a lot of people are struggling with today but many do not even know. It's also a silent threat that society does not quite understand and therefore the stigma is still deeply entrenched. For me, mental wellness is something I have lived without for quite some time. I joined Hush to be part of a movement that champions empowerment and mental wellness - a cause very close to my heart. I also believe that being part of Hush will help me in my self discovery and healing. And in that, I can help others.

We are brewing a revolution of silence for good. Come join us!

Hush is run completely run by a core team of differently-abled persons, and supported by a community of Hearing partners who volunteer on a project basis. Join us on this silent revolution to advocate for inclusiveness, empathy and empowerment in society.

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