For youths, by youths.

Be the leaders of the future generation to build a caring and inclusive society.


A youth impact movement

Stress, depression and suicides amongst youth is rising. Advocate for change alongside our Deaf partners! The #YoungXHush movement is designed to help our next generation of leaders promote community empowerment, inclusion and mental resilience among the youth.

Part 1 of 3


Students will learn to sign, and pick up breathing and stress reduction techniques from our Deaf facilitators.

Part 2 of 3


#YoungXHush leaders will be trained in facilitation skills that allows them to help fellow their fellow peers learn how to manage stress, express their emotions in different manners, and gain better self-awareness. This session is led by signing experts

Part 3 of 3


Students can organise, manage and lead their own #YoungxHush Circles –– be it in their own neighbourhood, school, anywhere. This programme aims to impart the relevant skills to our future generation of leaders such that they are able to positively impact the lives of others through emotional support.

Read what other students and teachers said

The silence was meaningful – I had some time to myself.

This session made me thankful for what I have.

NTU #YoungXHusher


This is a very meaningful and beautiful experience for me. It was a rare moment [in] a very warm-hearted and sincere session where I can listen to my own voice and my deepest thoughts and [realise] that I [should] love myself more.

SJI (Malcom Road) #YoungXHusher

Secondary school student

It was a cathartic experience for me personally. Hearing from the youths, this is a part of the process to help move forward. Kudos to what you and your team are able accomplish.

Yeo Suan Wei

Co-Founder, CampVision for Youths at Risk

#YoungXHush changed my perspective positively. It made me think through on how we want to build a more inclusive society in Singapore. [The experience helped] me emphasis with the Deaf, and also gave me awareness and experience to communicate and understand better.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic #YoungXHusher

Polytechnic student

We are brewing a revolution of silence for good.

As the future leaders of our society, the youth have the potential to shape our society into one that more empathetic, inclusive, and self-aware. 

In light of the rising health epidemic, #YoungXHush hopes to impart to youths self-care and stress management techniques, and show the different ways to express emotions.

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Hush in other places

We bring Hush beyond the workplace as well. Join us as we bring Hush to other parts of society!


As teachers, taking care of student's wellbeing is a full-time job, but when was the last time you took care of yourselves? Introduce Hush to your school and remember to take a pause.


Work in high-stressed environments? These sessions are specially curated for working professionals who are feeling overworked. Take a breather with Hush as our Deaf TeaRistas lead you through the experience.


How often do you engage with the community around you? This session brings community members from all walks of life to to come together, share stories and challenge the notion of disability.