​​# People Hushed: 7297 

​​# TeaRistas Trained & Engaged:  38

# Hush@Workplace Leaders/Projects:  187



'Same Same But Different' Experiential Inclusion with Business Leaders, Everyday Heroes and our Deaf TeaRistas.

Hush Teabar Tea-rista Hairiani Ali teaches PM Lee Hsien Loong and ministers how to sign “Thank you SG Cares”

at the SG Cares app launch on 13 Jan 2018...

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About Hush:
Hush is Singapore's (and possibly the world's) 1st Silent TeaBar — it is a social movement determined to bring self care and social inclusion to every workplace and community, with a cup of tea led by lovingly-trained Deaf facilitators. As an impact business focused on mental wellness and Deaf empowerment, the entire core team of staff in Hush is made up of 5 Deaf people and 3 PMHIs (persons with mental health issues).   

A social movement to bring the worlds of the hearing and Deaf together.

Self care and community inclusion. With a roving Silent TeaBar. 

 A cup of TeaMood served by our lovingly-trained Deaf TeaRistas. 
Each TeaMood tells a story, your story.

In silence, we remember who we are and who we are to each other. 

Rush to Hush. A Better World.

Hush@US Embassy Singapore held at Singapore's most enchanting garden restaurant - Pollen. Guests were captivated "...I was so moved by the experience, I teared"

Be a Hush Leader. Join the Movement!


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